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Wednesday's Notices

Audition information and packs are available form either the office OR Mr Millar.
In order to audition on Friday Dec 4th you will need:-
* a signed permission form
* to have memorised the audition piece for your gender
* If you want to sing, have the 1st verse and chorus memorised of the audition song.

If you have any questions please see Mr Millar ASAP. A cast list will be up in the library, the office and in the drama window by lunchtime on Monday 7th. If you gain a principle role (main character) you will need to pick up a script before the end of the Tues, to start going over and memorising your lines over the holidays.
Dec 4th (Friday)
Primary (yr 6,7&8) - beginning of lunch -
Yr9-10 from 1 pm
yr11&12 P5-6

Posted By: DMIG

The Student Council are running the "Cans for Christmas," appeal. The aim is to gift goods to a local church foodbank. This year the charity is the Hope Community Trust.

Students from Years 0 to 10 are invited to bring donations of canned goods, jams, breakfast spreads, pickles, sauce, cereal, rice, noodles, pasta, biscuits, muesli bars, lollies for Christmas, tissues, toilet paper, cleaning products etc. The only exception is fresh produce and frozens.

Please bring these items to your whānau/form class and place in the Christmas box which will be supplied shortly.

Posted By: RNI

Please bring in your clean Ecostore bottles to the library collection point. Put your name on (pen on box) to earn SOAR points for doing your small part in caring for the environment. Thanks from 10DVC and Mrs Beukes.

Posted By: ABK

Until the end of the year students are to spend interval down near Science block/Gym. The zone between the music room/19 and the art room needs to be quiet as NCEA exams are running everyday between 9:30-12:30. Also on some mornings and afternoons there are exams in rm25/Computer lab, at these times stay away from the wheelchair ramp end of the technology deck and pass quietly along the back of the technology block next to the car park.

Posted By: ABK

Please bring in clean ice cream lids and large fizzy bottles. Please give to Mr Evans, Mr Millar or Mrs Beukes for our year 9 water rocket unit.

Posted By: ABK

The following is a list of the room changes due to NCEA exams. Please be quiet around roped off areas and do not enter a roped off area

Room 33 (Mon 16th Nov – Tues 8th Dec)
Combined Whanau Times - Room TBA
All lessons to be in Rm20

Room 19 (Thurs 19th Nov – Fri 27th Nov)
Combined Whanau Times - Rooms TBA
All lessons to be done in Rm20 apart from Tues P2 (Library) and Wed P6 (Rm18)

Room 14 (Thurs 19th Nov – Wed 2nd Dec)
All lessons to be done in Rm29 apart from Mon P4 (Rm20), Mon P5 and 6 (Rm28), Wed P5 (Rm20), Thurs P5 and 6 (Rm18)

Rm24 (10DVC Wed P2 and 3) go to Rm28

Posted By: SMT

Practices for Primary Christmas concert small group will now be Thursday lunchtimes instead of Wednesday due to swimming. We need everyone to attend the practice. No new members at this stage.

Posted By: GSG
Events in the next 7 days.
  • Yr 10 Music Assessments
    09:50 AM
    Wednesday November 25th, 2020 - Unknown
  • Secondary Orientation Pm
    01:30 PM
    Thursday November 26th, 2020 - Church Auditorium
  • Primary Basketball Practice
    03:30 PM
    Thursday November 26th, 2020 - RNLS Gym
  • Year 10 Music Assessments
    09:50 AM
    Monday November 30th, 2020 - Unknown